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the first thing that went right

28 Feb

Ever since I moved in I’ve been looking for furniture.  Neither the boy or I had a piece to our name when we moved in to this 1,500 square foot loft.  I unpacked our boxes onto the floor and made piles.

The Boy didn’t seem perturbed by the piles, but when I took over the housecleaning, they started to bother me on a more than intellectual level.  Just try mopping around a rickety pile of loose trading cards, gargoyle figurines, and action figures in their increasingly dusty boxes and DVDs.  Wait, is this an argument? Are you yelling? I AM NOT YELLING! Um.  It was time for furniture.

I’m sure the Boy never picked anything out of a dumpster in his life, but I miss Manhattan streets and dumpsters terribly.  Every piece in my old apartment was off the street.  Jersey, on the other hand, is spread out — you aren’t likely to encounter cast-off furniture on your walk to the PATH, be it ever so long.  So I turned to Craigslist.

Since moving here I’ve had such horrible luck with Craigslist I can’t even begin to describe it.  On one memorable occasion, I rented a U-Haul, drove to a seller’s house, and fell in love with his three (!) mid century modern dressers — only to have him change his mind about selling.  It was December and neither my house nor the U-Haul station were at all close to public transit.  I came home exhausted, frozen, and in tears.  Oh, and out $75.

The Boy sat me down and told me sternly I had to accept I couldn’t do things in Jersey without a car.

I cried some more.

But it’s hard to kill a dream.  I read more design blogs and nursed my wounds and I told myself that if these people could find things on Craigslist, well by golly, with enough time and determination, so could I.

Also, I joined Freecycle.

Today this happened:

Do you like my furniture slides?

Yes, folks, that is a 1950’s Sun Coast by Drexel dresser in decent condition WITH MATCHING END TABLE. I don’t think I have owned matching furniture in my entire life.

The woman giving it away said she had never been a fan of Danish modern and that I made her day because she’d been worried I’d be disappointed.  I almost cried again.

It’s scuffed, scratched and chipped.  There are drips of white paint.  It’s missing the hardware on the vertical doors.  Antiques Roadshow wouldn’t waste a minute on it.  Basically, it’s perfect.  I feel like I’ve been given a sturdy and beautiful piece of furniture I’d otherwise be too scared to touch.

The Boy was a fantastic sport about the whole mission.  He rode along in the van and helped me move it into the living room, where I can contemplate what to do with it until the weather gets warm enough for refinishing.

The drawers are just the right size for DVDs.