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hell is a DIY gone wrong?

3 May

I can’t believe I’m doing this … but after a total failure with latex paint on the top of my nightstand, I’m stripping it.  AGAIN.

I put down two coats, very carefully, with a $10 brush — not technically the best I could afford, but the best I was prepared to ruin.  And despite my careful technique, there were brush strokes.  Big, ugly brush strokes on every inch of the thing.

The Internet said either I was fucked, or I could maybe wet sand with a fine grit of sandpaper and top coat with a roller? I wet sanded very very very carefully, but it didn’t really work, and then I cut through to the bare wood.

So now it is swaddled in Saran Wrap and Citristrip and the house has that vague aroma of orange that I am beginning to abhor.

I don’t even know what the plan is now.  We’ll see what it looks like when the paint comes off.  If the top isn’t too mangled, maybe I should just polyurethane the damn thing over the now surprisingly blonde wood and call it a day.

In better project news, the sideboard/entertainment table is finally on its casters and it looks great!

The original legs were attached with only couple small screws into the body.  The casters needed (I measured) four 3/8″ bolts each to attach them.  This is big.  My drill bit set didn’t come with a 3/8″ bit, but for reference, it’s the last size before you get into paddle bits.

Rather than slam sixteen enormous bolts through my furniture, I had the Home Depot guy cut me four pieces of wood just larger than the bases of the casters.  I marked and drilled each hole halfway through with a 1/2″ drill bit, to sink the head of the bolt, then all the way with a 3/8″ bit.  Then I put the bolts in the pieces of wood, heads toward the bottom of my (currently upside down) furniture and legs sticking out, and used four small wood screws to attach the piece of wood.  The casters went onto the bolts, then I tightened the nuts, and then we set it upright.

Does that make sense?  It’s OK if it doesn’t make sense to you, because I feel enormously clever and that’s what matters.

I’d planned to paint the shell black, but after the latex paint fiasco, I’m scared.  I think I need to use oil paint (with thinner/conditioner) to get the glossy finish I want.  I’ve never used oil paint.  On the other hand, apparently shellac is easy to repair, so … I could just try to restore the original finish and paint the drawers instead.  I’ve never used shellac either.  Why aren’t these decisions easy?!